Engineering App for the structural analysis of beam elements in construction. Support analysis results and loading graphs provided offline conviniently

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Graphical Analysis

Shear force and Bending moment diagrams with more than 3dp values on both axes. Accuracy in analysis

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Keep all your beam loading profiles on our secure server and share with registered users. No more paper work

Printing and Presentation

For all office engineers, simply connect your bluetooth printer and your analysis will be available offline.

shear force diagrams

Shear Force Diagrams

A shear force diagram is one which shows variation in shear force along the length of the beam. BeamLab provides these shear force values for all points at a 10dp accuracy.

"After calculating the support reactions, the algorithm then uses these and analyses loading at all points to calculate the shear force"

Bending Moment Diagrams

A bending moment diagram is one which shows variation in bending moment along the length of the beam where negative moments are plotted to scale above a horizontal line and positive below. BeamLab also has a more than 10dp accuracy of these bending moment values

"The algorithm used by BeamLab has two options of calculating bending moment diagrams. The first is intergrating for area under shear force diagram and the second is by using the support reactions. Preferred is the latter for its accuracy, however, the former provides a quicker analysis for longer beams."


Beam Loading

Using BeamLab, 3 types of loads can be applied to the beam; concetrated, uniformly distributed and uniformly varying loads


Point Moments

Act at indicated point and magnitude, can be clockwise or anticlockwise

Point Load

Act at indicated point and with indicated constant magnitude downwards

Uniformly distributed loads

Loads spread across the indicated region while remaining constant throughout

Uniformly varying

Loads spread across the indicated region while changing value throughout

User Friendly Interface

Create beams and analyse loading offline in only 5 Steps

Watch How It Works

Learn how to load, analyse, save and share beam profiles in BeamLab.


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Oleng Morris, W Arthur, A Moses, O Isaac, K Moses, S Stephen, K Vian, A Victor

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